The Secret Door by Cian Part 1

I stepped out on to the street. It was a chilly morning, and there was no one else around. I unlocked the car and slipped into the driver’s seat. The drive to work was peaceful, and there weren’t many people around. I stopped the engine and climbed out. Oddly, there was no one around. I was an employee of Clarks Enterprises. I took the lift to my office. I saw no one. When I stepped inside I was instantly surprised. There was a huge door, about 7ft, Right in front of me! I walked over to it. It was magnificent, with a brass lion head knocker embedded in the oak.

On the table next to it there was a note saying-Go through-. I looked at it. Should I go through? I considered the options. Staying meant working and putting up with this giant door. Going meant… well I don’t know! I made up my mind. I pushed it open…

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