Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Best Marvel Superhero’s by Leo

20. Spider Woman.

19. Silver Surfer.

18. Beast(All X-men).

17. Thing(Fantastic Four).

16. Kitty Pryde.

15. Doctor Strange(Doctor Strange).

14. Black Panther(Captain America Civil War)(Black Blood).

13. The Invisible Woman(The Fantastic Four).

12. Nick Fury(Iron Man)(Iron Man 2)(Avengers Assemble)(Avengers Age of Ultron)(Ant Man).

11. Storm(All X-men).

10. Iron Man(All Iron Men)(All Avengers)(Captain America Civil War).

9. Professor X(All X-men).

8. Hulk(All Avengers)(Hulk)(Ultimate Hulk)(The Green Beast).

7. Cyclops(All X-men).

6. Thor(All Avengers)(Thor).

5. Jean Grey(All X-men).

4. Wolverine(X-men Origins: Wolverine)(Wolverine)(All X-Men)(Killing Hulk).

3. Daredevil(Daredevil)-Its an eighteen! Don’t watch it!

2. Captain America(All Avengers)(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)(Captain: The First Avenger)(Captain America Civil War).

1. Spider Man(Spider-Man)(Spider-Man 2)(Spider-Man 3)(The Amazing Spider-Man)(The Amazing Spider-Man 2)(Captain America Civil War).

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