Blitz Poem by Hannah


Night after night vicious bombing haunts our dreams,

Fighting the murderous hell of Hitler’s making.

Mothers crying out, swearing revenge against the cold blooded Nazis.

Bombs shatter the streets of London, leaving nothing but skeletons of buildings.

Heroes trying to fight the fire and save as many lives as possible.

Our capital being killed in horror.

As the blood red dawn rises,

Nothing is left.


6 thoughts on “Blitz Poem by Hannah

    • Hi Polly.
      It’s really important to check your spelling in comments, especially if you are commenting about other children’s spelling! It is also important to capitalise names and avoid splicing, especially when commenting about punctuation.
      In your comment there are a total of 8 spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Can you find and correct them below please?

      Hi han I realy like the punctuaion in your work but the is a cuple of spelling erors.

  1. Great job Hannah – line 2 and the final line are particularly powerful. Well done! (A few spellings to double check)

  2. Wow: I really enjoyed your poem and the way it focussed on how the blitz affected the people of the city. I love your powerful last line.
    **2 tps
    Now: Have a look at the spelling I have put a line through. Consider punctuating some of your lines with commas rather than full stops.

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