3rd September 1939 Mum’s Perspective- By Hannah

I will never forget that day the day that changed my life forever. I was sitting in the parlour by the radio having herd earlier about an important speech by Nevil Chamberlin at 11 o’clock on the dot. Patricia was sitting next to me and Arthur and Jimmy opposite me. The announcement was no surprise we all knew that it was going to happen it was the announcement of war between us and Germany.

At that point I was very nervous about Jimmy, because if this war was the same as the last he might have to become a solder, at the time Avril was playing outside so she had no idea. I could all tell that everybody was scared but the big question was how is this war going to end?



2 thoughts on “3rd September 1939 Mum’s Perspective- By Hannah

  1. A great effort Hannah. You have included the actions of lots of the characters. I spotted about 4 splices. I wonder if you could find them.

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