The First Tripod by Hannah

I was transfixed, still as I stood at the edge of the pit were a meteor has just crashed in the middle of the town square. The police were trying to get everyone into a oddly fashion so they can make sure nobody gets hurt. When the police where not looking I bent down and picked up a fragment of the meteor expecting it to be boiling hot I covered my hand with my sleeve but when I picked it up it was not boiling it was freezing cold so I slipped the rock into my pocket.

But seconds after I did the ground started to rumble and shake and then the ground started to split and crack then an explosion took place in the middle of the whole also the crakes in the ground started to fly of In all different directions everybody started to panic and run, scream and shout. Then the crakes started to break windows and smash walls then a crack flew up the church and split it in two.

Suddenly a big sinkhole appeared in the road and a few cars fell in then one car flew up into the air then landed on a car.  nbbjBut then a huge metallic leg rows out of the ground and crushed a part of the road. Everybody was screaming and shouting I ran and hid but by the time I came out there was a huge metallic creacher was standing in the middle of the square. It started making a groaning noise that was deafing. It was about 100m tall then it started shouting heat rays I ran for my life…

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