The Captain of the Flying Turtles by Gareth

Once Gilly the galleon captain was flying about in his air ship because the earth was flooded and he was the only survivor. And suddenly his rudder broke and he couldn’t fix it because it fell off the ship and he didn’t have any spares.

 Then he heard a weird noise like a dolphin communicating with another dolphin. He looked through his spyglass and saw a lot of flying turtles! He thought for a minute and said to himself “should I lasso it or should I not.” Then he lassoed the flying turtle and his ship started to move. Then the rope suddenly broke.

Gilly was so upset that he was stuck in a never ending abyss of clouds, but then he heard that same sound and it was a baby flying turtle trying to follow its mummy and daddy. So he jumped off the side of the ship and landed on the flying turtle.

He eventually reached the ground and it wasn’t flooded any more. Everyone was doing there every day things but there was something wrong everybody liked him and greeted him home. Everyone used to hate him and called him names like Gilly Willy or said your mama is so fat she can’t walk. But now they were saying wow you are so nice and kind and his partner was there. His partner said that he left without him and he didn’t know when he was going to get back. Gilly  said he didn’t leave without him and he died on a ship.

The End

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