The Adventure of a Life Time by Jack

Last week a man called crook leg tried to break the record in the legendry gallon the mystery but half away on his adventure when a big wind broke out.  And he flew straight into a portal and out the other side there was nothing apart from the sky. In the portal the rudder his rudder broke loose and when he tried to mend it but it fell. He didn’t know what then a big noise like a trumpet came. Theirs huge turtles everywhere. He had an idea so I grab a rope lassoed the rope around the turtle neck the turtle he pulled me for about 25 minutes but

The rope snapped he was stuck all the turtle had swam off but there was one that had been left behind so I made the jump and land on his back but there was another wind and I flew into the portal again but on the other side I was on a bird  and I fell into the water and the life guards came to get me.


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