Once in a Lifetime Newspaper Report by Cian.


Yesterday morning a shocking sight was seen in the sky when a man in an airship was seen jumping off the airship onto the back of a flying turtle!

It all started when he pulled on a rope leading to the device powering the ship.(Sceintists will later investigate to see where it landed.) It snapped off leaving him stranded and isolated in the sky. It seemed from the watchers that he heard a strange noise, he got out his telescope and then he must have seen something magical because he nearly fell over in astonishment. A flying turtle (as it looked to the viewers) flew over his air ship!

The airship was making groaning sounds as it struggled to stay upright. He stared in disbelief as it flew over him. He looked back to where it had came from and saw a whole herd following it. His mouth was open in astonishment as the turtles flew close enough to touch. He suddenly had an idea (our viewers said) as he ran to the front of the airship and picked up a rope attached to the ship and lassoed one of the turtles around the head. The airship made a gargantuan groaning sound and then the airship started to move!

But suddenly the rope snapped and the turtle flew away. It seemed as if he would be trapped in an abyss in the sky, sucking him up. Then help came! There was a screeching sound as a lone turtle flew just below the ship. The man looked one more time at his airship then jumped off the side of it onto the turtles back. The man landed with a THUMP! on the turtle’s back as it flew, carrying the man far far away…

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