First Man to Sail in Air!

41 year old Joe Lean became the first man to sail in the sky on Wednesday 30th 2040. Joe tells his story “I was in my ship tugging at the rudder to change direction I heaved and pulled then off it came just like that I was stranded isolated. Then I heard a low soft sound behind me I turned it was a turtle swimming in the air over my head I was gobsmacked then more came all heading in the same direction I was to shocked to think what to do next then I snapped out of it and ran to the bow and grabbed my rope on the way, once I got there I swung my rope round and round then I grabbed the turtle at the back with the rope he pulled my ship for a bit then he was just to strong and the rope snapped in halve. I was devastated at his monstrous body power. I thought that it was over but then I heard the same sound again I jolted around to see if I was dreaming and to my relief there was one last air turtle I didn’t know what to do so I decided that I would take the leap of faith and jump fortunately I landed on his/her back to my surprise it wasn’t hard or rough it was soft and smooth. We went on and on then I turned my head and I could see my ship in the distance.”

I wonder who will break the next world record?


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