A Man Sailing in the Air Jumps Onto An Air Turtle. by Lily


He is a man called Joe Leaf he is 52 years old. He lives in the busy streets of Bristol but spends most of his life on his air ship called air sailor because it sails through air not sea.

Joe says:

On the Wednesday the 13thof April. Joe was trying to move his rudder but moved it a bit too far so he was stranded far from land above the candy floss clouds with knows contact to land. But then he heard a sound , it sounded like a whale song deep and slow but it was too quite then he looked through his telescope I was absolutely  gob smacked  sea turtles .But they were unidentified species green with turquoise  hexagons on their shell. Loads of them I saw about 16. One flew over me.

Then one flew slowly near me so I grabbed my rope and lassoed it round its neck and off I was flying away. Just as I sat down and relaxed the rope snapped and I was stranded once again then a smaller sea turtle came up behind me and I had to make the decision to take a leap of faith or to stay. I jumped.

Reported by: Lily Morgado

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