Shackleton diary entry five by Nayte

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Diary entry five

October 27 1915

 Our ships carpenter ( Harry Mc Nish) has built a ritz for us to stay in after we’ve had our tea. It was worth the wait. I could’nt believe how it looked it was phenominal but the problem was we had to wait for three days for him to build. While he was building that me and the crew were playing soccer, tag and catch the dog. Sue had four pups that started wondering round and a couple moments later they found an ice cave.

Pastience Camp By Mason

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4th March 1916:

I, Frank Hurly, have been part of the expedition on The Endurance but unfortunately, she got trapped and fell apart so we had to camp on the ice pack. We called it Patience Camp. The Endurance was our home for 365 days and now she’s gone. The camp was fun because Ernest Shackleton and Frank Worsly (the ship’s captain) danced with The Boss. We have been there for three months and a half. It was fun. I don’t want to leave because I’m sad.

We found a Leopard Seal with undigested fish in it thankfully and it was so much more food for the crew. Hussy was playing his banjo before we go sleep. We played football while I was taking photos of them play. We had a dog sledge race (I was obviously taking photos). We had a worse singing completion and Shackleton won hands down. Nevertheless, I was taking photos of the beautiful view of Antarctica.

The weather was torturous because the blizzards were terrible. I got no sleep because the storms were torturous winds and storm. Two people got frost bite so we had to amputate it ourselves. They didn’t get heart thankfully.

We took some of the ships wood for fire and to cook some food. Charles Green (the ships cook) his food was really lovely. We ate penguin blubber and seal blubber because it was so delicious food I could eat it for ever; it was so nice.

I enjoyed hunting for seals and penguins a lot so we hacked at the ice to worm in into water to drink. Feeding the dogs was so hard because they were so hipper and jumpy. They were in my face. I fighted one of the dogs took me down somehow.

Hopefully, we can go back home because I miss my home and my family. WE ARE DOOMED!  I had so much fun at the camp like the best games in the world because it was brilliant. We read stories and sang sea shanties. My favourite thing to do night to except listen to the banjo that Hussey played. He is brilliant at it because he is a natural at the banjo.

Patience Camp Shackleton by Sam

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30th December 1915

Patience Camp

We have been at this place for six days; and we are naming it Patience Camp because we are waiting for the ice to the ice to melt. We are all really hungry because we have not eaten for a day or two. It is really hard to settle in when its winter because the tents are really cold inside.

It is really hard to hunt for food because there are blizzards everywhere. The foods that we eat taste fishy because we eat penguins and seals. We are always hungry because we don’t get much food to eat but back at home I can walk to the cold room to grab anything.  The other day we killed a leopard seal and we found some un- digested fish. What we normally do is simple we cut the blubber off the seal/penguin then we eat at breakfast, dinner and supper.

What we do for entertainment is really fun because we like to do sport like: Soccer, sled-dog races and human running races. Every night we dance me and Hurley did a dance in front of the team which was really cheering me up from the endurance. Another thing we like to do is read which is encyclopedia really good because it tells me facts. I really like it when the dogs jump at me because it’s a sign that they like me. We also have entertainment for dogs to we take them for walks and play fetch with any sticks we find. We like it when Hussy plays his annoying banjo it’s really relaxing. When we play soccer we normally play a two vs two me and Hurley vs Hussy Charles Green.

Weather at patience camp can get very powerful when we do our jobs there is normally a blizzard. We don’t get that much sleep because it’s very cold in a tent. In my garden when I go camping it is shivery but the Antarctic is so blizzardy. Some of the team have had frostbite which is really bad because it leads to having a finger chopped off or a finger dropping off.

Everyone has a job to do which is really hard work. Some of us haul ice from the floor and melt it for drinking water. We also hunt for food with guns its takes lots of time to get an animal killed. Sometimes we like to hunt for a while to hopefully get more food. We get our best men at shooting to do the job. These are the jobs that we do: hunting, hauling ice and melting ice for water.

Now I have got to go and help put up a tent that fell down.


Shackleton journey to South Georgia By Nayte

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26 October 1914

Leaving Buenos Aires

My name is Ernest Shackleton and this is my diary all about my journey across Antarctica.Me and my crew left Buenos Aires then we saw many things like crowds cheering, people waving, dogs barking and of course other boats. On the ship we were waiting for one of the Naval Ships to send us a message saying proceed. After 10 minutes of waiting we saw a Naval Ship outside of the bay looking if there were any dangerous animals so they finally sent us a message saying proceed so we left to sail to South Georgia sorry I have to go now since I need to help out on the ship someone is being sick bye.

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The Slender by Beau

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One, day me and my friends were looking for a creature we have never seen before for our school project. It was haloween on that day so we were not looking forward too it. We were looking for our friend who was looking for something in the woods so we tried to find him. We found him lying down and bleeding so we took him home but the door was locked so we tried to bash the door down but it didn’t work so we had to lay there for the night. That morning we all woke up and we saw nothing and then we blinked and there lay a man with a dark suit with an evil grin I managed to take a photo and he looked like this. The EndImage result for slender man

Shakleton’s diary entery 1 Leaving Buenos Aires by Jowan

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26th October 1914:

Today we left the busy port at Buenos Aires to the small island of South Georgia. As we left all the people that turned up to see us leave was increadible. The weather was perfect, calm water and shining sun. Much of what I could hear was the continuous bark of our 69 Canadian sledge dogs and cheers from the crowd; I could faintly hear the music from the band. When The Endurance had been turned and we started heading away from the crowd, we could see many masts from the boats and I could hear Frank Worsley, the captain I chose, shouting orders left, right and centre and the crew who were now runing around like busy bees. Even though all this work was going on Frank Hurley, our photographer, was doing everthing in hiis power to get the perfect shot. Now we must get on with this expedition and also have a safe journey to South Georgia. It was hard to leave my family but that is what Ihave t do to complete my dream.

Shackleton’s Diary Entry-Leaving Buenos Aires

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26th October 1914

We have left Buenos Aires.The cheer and roar of the crowds has imprinted a memory in my mind that shall last forever-and there will be many more from our adventure when I, Ernest Shackleton shall conquer Antarctica (or at least hope to ). As the Endurance speeds onward,dogs bark and Captain Wild is yelling orders. Frank Hurley has shimmed up the rigging to get photos- although there isn’t much but sun and sea.When we set out the weather was amazing but its worsening as dark clouds cover the sky like a rug over a floor. Charles Green (the ship’s cook) is preparing a wonderful dinner while Thomas- Ordee- Leeis petting Sue the dog. The ship is creaking and groaning and the steam means I can’t see anything(although Ican smell dog poo) as we sail towards our destiiny

A Book Review on Skellig by Theo

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Author: David Almond

Star Rating: *****/***** 5/5

Encourage readers of yers 7-15.

Main Characters: Michael, Mina, Skellig, The Baby, Michaels dad,Michaels Mum, Minas Mum,Leaky and Koot.

The story is about a man called Skellig and a boy called Michael. He moves into a new, dirty old house. When Michael moved in he met an old man in the garage just waiting to die. Michael asked him if ge wanted abything but all he said was 27 and 53.

Shackletons Recruitment Advertisement by Sam

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Do you want to help me set sail for 1500 miles on the Antarctic? Im looking for tough men who aren’t afraid of ice. I will give you some clothing to keep you warm. I’ll also need some people who can fix the ship and vet the dogs and also someone to keep us healthy. This is for brave/adventurous people. You have to be eighteen or over to join me. So please join me on my Inperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.


Buenos Aires by Beau

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Leaving Buenos Aires,

26th October 1914,

I, Frank Hurley am taking part in the wobnderful Enduarance expedition. Today we set of for South Georgia and there is still a long time before we arrive. I did the best I could do get this shot, of the crowd; there were cheers and crying smell of the 69 dogs really put me off. I could see my family waving but that didnt stop me from taking the photo for the papers. A few hours ago the Captain was yelling lots of orders and I climbed up the mast the get a photo of a whale.

South Georgia by Beau

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South Georgia

5th December 1914,

I have been at South Georgia for a month now and I have taken good number photos of the whaling station called Grytviken and it is not a very pleasant sight. The place stinks; it smells of whale’s blubber being boiled for the oil that makes our lamps at home. The harpoon that catches the whale was attached to the boat, and the number of boats was extraordinary.

I have climbed the highest peak (Mt Paget at an altitude of 9000 feet) and I have taken several pictures of Grytviken harbour from its summit and it is amazing, I didn’t think the harbour would look as good as I thought it would be.

I love this expedition so far because I love seeing wildlife such as elephant seals, whales and penguins. I saw a waddle of penguins all racing after me but eventually they got tired and went into the sea which is called a raft of penguins in the water.

The dogs had their first walk today and Smiler loved the walk the most as he kept barking and jumping on the other dogs, also I am feeling good because the dogs smell like fresh honey because of the whales stench. Notwithstanding this island smells of guts, it is very beautiful.

I am going to have to stop writing now because, I need to clean the dog cages out and play with Sue and Smiler but I will continue tomorrow.








Leaving Buenos Aires by Mr Wild

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26th October 1914:

Today has been an extraordinary day; a historic day that will be indelibly etched in my mind for eternity.

The Endurance, and its twenty-seven strong crew of Britain’s finest, departed Buenos Aires early this morning on the first leg of our expedition to the last outpost of civilisation – South Georgia. Our sturdy little boat, freshly painted and beautifully turned out, left the port under steam accompanied by a throng of jubilant well-wishers. The Argentine navy’s silver band played a rousing military tune, and as we untied, the Endurance sounded her horn which made the dogs on-board break out in a cacophony of riotous barking; there was nothing we could do to quiet them until the sound of cheering and music diminished as we ventured further from South America’s shores.

All is quiet now – thank goodness; the dogs howling has ceased (most are asleep) and all the men are hard at work about their chores. Hurley, our ship’s photographer, is very excitable. One moment he can be seen shimmying up the mast with his moving picture camera in hand, and the next moment he can be seen edging out onto the bowsprit, filming porpoises as they ride our magnificent bow-wave, whooping with joy like an over-excited schoolboy. Worsley is doing a fine job; the men all admire him and I am confident I have chosen a solid captain.

It is a fine afternoon for sailing. A favourable southerly wind fills the Endurance’s sails and we are making a good 7 knots progress in a south easterly direction. At this rate we should reach South Georgia in 7 or 8 days God willing.

Skellig Movie By Mason

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Please read my writing to the end.

A film review of Skellig

The main Characters

Tim Roth played Skellig, Bill Milner was Michel and Skye Bennett played Mina. Michel has a baby sister called Grace.


I recommend it for 9- 14 years olds.


I would rate the film 4/5. This film rating is a PG.


It was written by David Almond.

About the story

Skellig is a man who waited in a garage to die and then Michel helped him to get stronger and stronger and also Mina helped Michel to help Skellig get stronger and stronger. Then Michael‘s sister went into hospital  to have an operation on her heart so Michel went to Skellig  to ask him to help his baby sister but he said  “no I won’t help  your  baby  sister”. Michel was so sad that Skellig wouldn’t’t help his baby sister.


My Skellig Film Review by Bertie

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Skellig – A Film Review

Skellig, is a book for kids by David Almond. It is a great story it’s about a boy called Michael who meets a man in a shed. When Michael first saw him Skellig said go away then after a while they made a bond friendship and they helped each other …


  • Personally I think the rating should be 9-12 because there is some mild language.
  • I would rate it 5/5 because it is funny and it can be scary.
  • The main characters are Michael (Bill Milner), Skellig (Tim Roth), the Mum (Kelly MacDonald), the Dad (John Simm) and Mina (Skye Bennett).

Skellig Film Review by Beau

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Who should watch this film? The film rating is a PG (Parental Guidance) but I would rate it for 9-14yrs, as it has mild language, violence and some scary scenes.

Rating: I would rate this film a 4/5.

Main Characters: Michael, Mina and Skellig.

Actors: Alexander Armstrong, Bill Milner, Kelly MacDonald, Tim Roth, Eros Vlahos, John Simm, Edna Dore, Navin Chowdhry, Tameka Empson and Keiron Self.

Plot: The film Skellig is about a young boy called Michael whose mum is pregnant, but when the baby is born she is very ill. While Michael finds something strange in his garage, he finds a friend called Mina and they discover the truth  about this angel like, human like and bird like ‘being’. While dad is working on the house, mum is always at hospital and Michael continues going to school, but he is worrying about the baby and is wondering about the strange ‘being’ in the shed. Will the baby stay alive?

Recommended: I would strongly recommend the film as it is a great film, but I advise you read the book before because it won’t be as exciting if you don’t read the book. If I had to decide which was best – film or book – it would be hard. I would say it was a tie because the book has things that I love that the movie hasn’t, but the movie has some amazing bits that the book doesn’t have but, if I had to decide I would probably choose the movie because I like the storyline a bit better than the book but the book is and the movie is a must read and watch.