My First Blog Post by Jowan Dengler

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This is my first blog post and in it I will begin to describe the book we are reading in class called Skellig. The story is about an old man living in a young boy called Michael’s shed. The man in the shed has terible arthurits and no strength. He’s very mysterious all we know is he wears a black suit and eats spiders and blue bottles and eats the chinese food 27 and 53.

Another  interesting charecter Michael and Mina . Michael has only just moved house from a house he loves to an old house with a toilet in the dining room and an old unstable shed in a garden witch is more like a jungle. He still goes to the same school but he has to travel to the other side of town. Michael has a baby sister [ who he loves and is jealous of at the same time] but the only problem is she was born early. Next door to Michael is a girl called Mina. Mina loves birds and has many briliant sketches of them. The first time Mina spoke to Michael was over Michael’s garden wall. The other time was when Mina was sketchinng in a nearby tree.  That is my description of what we know and I would highly recomend the book.


Pokemon Basics by Theo

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This is my first blog and I will be telling you about Pokemon. There are many types of Pokemon but each one is different because of a certain ginetic code that is held in a Pokemon called Mew. There are also lots of types such as:

  • Normal
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Fairy
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Leaf
  • Electric
  • Dragon
  • Psychic
  • Fighting
  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Flying
  • Poison

The magical world of Pokemon also holds many secrets that are always being uncovered.

The main four Pokemon are: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

I love Pokemon and these are some of the basics.


My First Blog Post by Sam

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This is my first blog post and I’m gonna tell you how my summer was.My summer was really good my favorite part was when I went to Jump 4 trampoline park for 1 hour.I also enjoyed going swiming at Ships and Castles I liked going down the slide.I went to Flambards  I liked the Carousel and the Helicopters.I also went to Maenporth beach and went in the sea.

I went to football golf and then I went to Swanpool beach to have ice cream.Also I went to Raze the Roof and had pizza and fries we were there for three hours.


My horror Story by Dan

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One day Me, Freya and Jake went to the woods, and saw a massive Nayte he tried to kill Me, Freya and Jake but luckily I stopped him but a massive giant tried to eat me and I nearly died, but I slit him in to half and I am a hero now.

the end.


horror story ll

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One day a couple a friends went to the park at 10:00pm to play it after 1 hour of playing it the descided to play hide and seek 2 counted and 3 hid.  None came back but the 2 seekers two kids who are callled Nayte and Dan, they went to the police but none came were there they looked in the cells and in one of them was all of the polices dead bodys the kids ran for there lives and found i kid with a knife in the corner she tried to stab nayte but likely Nayte had his pen knife on him so he stabed her bt none of the other kids were found the end.

My horror story by Bertie

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20 kids and 3 teachers,they all went on a camping trip wen they arrived at the camp sight they set up and 7 kids & 1 teacher went to get twigs for a fire. After two hours know came back but then one came back and said every body else was killed by a viscous leprechaun killed them. No body believed him till the next night the teachers said to th kids let’s go and look for 6 kids &1 adult that went missing yesterday.Most of the kids were terrified and then something grabbed a young girl and there it was the leprechaun was right in front of there eyes it ripped all of them to peaces and took all of there organs and fed them to his kids the end…

My Summer by Jake

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This is my first blog post and in it i will Describe the most Funniest Moments in the Summer. When we were at my granparents we played a huge game of rounders, and 4 dogs[Holly,Taran,Belle,Molly] kept jumping infront of the batter, catching the ball and running of with it. When I gave my rooster [Mustard]some cabbage and the tapped the to of his tail and he done a backflip out of the coop. On the first day of Aurgurst my rabbit diesl hopped out of his hutch into a big bowl of hot soapy water and started swimming around in it.

Image result for fox red labrador puppies


A Horror Story by Nayte

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Once upon a time there was 12 kids at a park playing man hunt [it] with flashlights then 5 of them dissapeard  the other 7 were looking for them after a hour they met back at the wall there was only 4 now. The other 3 were terrified suddenly they saw a tall black man with a white mask running at them they started sprinting,suddenly they were to slow like a tortoise they had one last glance, until the was in the back of a dark black van.

My First Blog Post by Mirryn.

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This is my first blog post and I will be writing a fact file.

Our fish

Our fish live in a tank at the back of the classroom. We feed them every day and change there water  every half term. There names are Squirtle, Goldeen and Pikatu. There favourite toy is there castle.

My First Blog Post by Finn

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This is my first blog post and in it, I will try to explain about our topic Frozen. It is about the frozen North and South. During it we will be learning about Shackleton and animals ect. A list of the animals are

  • Polar bears.
  • Penguins.
  • Lots of kinds of whales.
  • Snow bears,rabbits and foxes (There are more but Iv’e forgotten)

Now here I will say some facts:

  • The Antarctic used to be land but it froze over.
  • The people who live in the poles dislike being called eskimos they prefer inuits witch mean people of us.
  • Somtimes humans find fossils in ice.




All About My Summer by Beau

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This is my first blog post, and I will be explaining how my summer was. In the beginning I went of school, half a week early and went to the airport we were going to Majorca, our first flight was delayed so we arrived at our hotel at 3:00 AM in the morning. Then we met up with my Grandma and my Grandma’s daughter who is 17. Our hotel was right next to a indoor and outdoor pool, there was also a very nice beach that was very hot and the sea next to it was so warm! The next day we met up with my Aunt and Uncle. After that we went to my Stepdads Auntie’s house for 1 day. After that we went to my Stepdad’s friends house and went to a cricket match we stayed for 2 days(1 night). Then we went to my Stepdads mom’s house and stayed for 2 night and we got to fly a drone. And then we went back to the airport we didnt have to wait that time phew, and went back to Cornwall to our dad’s.Image result for Majorca palma hotels

The Attack of the Mutant Vegetables in French by Barney CG

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Je n’oublierai jamais le jour où nous avons découvert que nous n’étions pas seuls dans ce vaste univers. Une flotte d’environ 200 vaisseaux spatiaux a volé vers notre planète à une vitesse formidable. Quand ils étaient à environ 30 mètres au-dessus de la terre, ils ont tiré des lumières vertes sur tous les légumes et les fruits partout dans le monde. Il semblait que les légumes n’avaient pas été blessés au début, mais après que les aliens aient laissé des choses étranges ont commencé à se produire. Une femme s’est réveillée un matin et a découvert le jus de tomate partout, un vieil homme est venu à la maison du travail un jour et a trouvé sa porte du réfrigérateur bien ouverte et la nourriture sur le sol. Une foule de champignons assassins a attaché un enfant aux balustrades et a aspiré l’azote hors de lui. La police était déconcertée par ce qui arrivait aux gens de la terre et emprisait une bande de concombres meurtriers dans une boîte en titane, mais ce n’était pas utile. Au milieu de la nuit, les concombres ont brûlé un trou dans le cote et ont glissé. “Je veux plus d’azote!” Dit un concombre à un autre. “Ne vous inquiétez pas”, a-t-il répondu: “Nous recevrons bientôt les autres prisonniers”. Ils ont rampé dans les couloirs sombres et humides aux autres détenus. Quand ils ont atteint une porte verrouillée, ils ont simplement brûlé à travers elle. Quand ils atteignirent le dernier couloir, silhouetted contre la porte, se tenait un grand et puissant policier. Au fur et à mesure que les concombres se rapprochaient, ils remarquaient qu’il tenait un couteau dans une main et une fourchette dans l’autre. Il s’est penché et a poignardé la fourche à travers un des concombres. Un cri poussiéreux retentit dans les couloirs et le policier a tranché le concombre en deux, mais c’était une grosse erreur. Les deux moitiés de concombre ont sauté sur le visage de l’homme et ont sué l’azote hors de lui. Les légumes du monde entier ont commencé à attaquer les gens pour en retirer l’azote. Ils ont attaqué une ville à la fois jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient effacé la race humaine et qu’ils soient passés aux animaux. Quelques personnes ont survécu et se sont cachées dans leurs caves et ont vécu sur du pain et de la confiture, mais parce que la confiture est faite de fruits, les gens qui l’ont mangé ont eu l’azote aspiré. Après que toute la vie a été effacée sur terre, les extraterrestres sont retournés sur terre et ont ramassé tous les fruits et légumes et les ont emmenés dans leur station spatiale qui orbitait Saturne. Là, les fruits et les légumes ont donné l’azote aux aliens qui l’ont utilisé pour une expérience scientifique pour transformer le gaz sur Saturne en acide bleu.

The Secret Door by Cian Part 3

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In the split seconds I was falling, a compartment fell open with a lifejacket in it. The helicopter hit the water. I was flung against the windscreen, smashing it. I was dizzy for a few seconds, then I grabbed the lifejacket and swam out. My lungs were burning and it made my vision blurry. I slipped the lifejacket on and remembered breaking the surface, when I passed out. I woke up in a lifeboat, with a blanket wrapped around me. “Are you alright?” asked one of the crew. I didn’t reply. I just went to sleep.

I woke up in a chair. Opposite me sat a police interrogation officer. “Why were you flying that helicopter?” he asked. “I-I don’t know,” I replied. “There was a magic do-” I began. ” Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!” interrupted the officer. ” You could have been killed!” he yelled. He leaned across the table. ” You stole a helicopter. You should be locked up,” he said quietly. ” No! Wait I-” I started. “There’s no point arguing,” intervened the police officer. ” We all know you did it,”. “But-” I tried to say. ” Right, I’ll get someone to escort you to your cell.” the officer said. He pressed a button on his desk. A prison guard came in and hauled me out the chair and dragged me to the door. The interrogator smiled as the door closed.

The cell was small. The was a bed, a chair and some drawers under the bed. I couldn’t believe I went from going to work to being locked in a prison cell. I was in there for about 4 months when I noticed a loose bar in the window. I rattled it. I would need some sort of tool to dig it out. Later that day I smuggled a spoon from the cafeteria into my cell.That night I had a long and sleepless night, dreaming about escaping, only to be captured again. At noon the next day I set to work on the loose bar. I reckoned I could get it by nightfall. At around 8 o’clock that evening I finally managed to pry the bar loose. I slipped through the gap and breathed in the fresh night air. I was free!