WW2 War Announcment by Beau

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The family listened carefully to the broadcast and the grate crackled. We finally heard the voice of the Prime Minister. Neil: “Hello, I am speaking to you from the cabinet room on 10 Downing Street” Everyone froze.

Patricia looked anxious, biting her nails. The grate sizzled.

“This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a
final Note stating that, if they didn’t withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us…”

Dad looked, depressed and stared at Jimmy

Mum looked at Jimmy and sighed *she knew what was coming*

Rebekah’s mum stared at Rebekah and whispered “We are lucky we got the tickets to move to America” then she sighed and stared at the wireless.

“I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received.”

“And that consequently this country is at war with Germany.”

There was silence.

They all stood up and the drumroll led into the Anthem. The boys started to sing; “God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious…

God save the Queen!
while Patricia and mum hugged and stared at Jimmy. Mum said “None of us want him to go fight for the war but he might be left with no choice… Let’s hope for the best “Patricia nodded.

Avril and Rebekah came inside. *Dad turned the wireless off* Avril said “ What’s wrong? I heard Jimmy singing the anthem*she chuckled*” Dad looked at mum. Dad said “ The war has been declared” Avril said “ What does declared mean” Dad said “The war has stated” Avril gave Rebekah a hug and they both said “Ill miss you”   they went onto the sofa and stared at Rebekah’s parents and then Rebekah’s parents asked Rebekah to come into the car. They waved bye!













The Announcement of War – 3rd September1939 by Mr Wild

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As the dying coals in the grate flickered, father tuned the wireless to the BBC Home Service and it crackled into life. The inevitable broadcast that the family had been dreading had finally begun.

Neville Chamberlain’s solemn voice announced the terrible news: “I am speaking to you from the cabinet room at 10 Downing St…”

Arthur and Jimmy, sitting side by side on the cramped, threadbare sofa, stared aimlessly at the wireless while Patricia sat opposite them, chewing her nails, anxiously. Camberlain continued:

“… The British amabassador handed Germany an ultimatum, that unless they withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us…”

Mum sat in an armchair by the fireplace, in an absent minded daze; she knew what the Prime minister would say next and she hated him for saying it:

“… I have to tell you that no such undertaking has taken place and as a consequence, we are now at war with  Germany.”

‘Not again,’ she thought, ‘how can this happen again?’ She remembered all too well how the last Great War had torn her family and her country apart. How her father had been killed and her mother had struggled to raise her young family on her own, and she remembered the terrible hardship that followed. Her thoughts now turned to her own children: what would become of Jimmy? If the war went on for as long as the previous one, he would certainly be drafted. And what about Arthur? He was too old now to join up, but what if Hitler started dropping bombs? Arthur was an ARP and he’d be in firing line.  She stood up and walked to the window, looking through he leaded panes at Avril and Patricia, who were playing innocently with their dolls in the bright September sunshine. She knew that these peaceful childhood games would soon come to end.

The familiar drum roll of the National Anthem disturbed her from her reverie. She wiped a tear from her face, straightened her apron, and turned to towards the wireless, beside which, father and Jimmy were already beginning to stand, tugging at their tank tops and arranging their ties. They began to sing God Save the Queen, but all the while, Chamberlain’s words rang in her mind: ‘There will be dark times ahead…

The National Anthem finished and the wireless fell silent. A eery quiet filled the parlour.  “Turn it off now love,” mum said softly to Arthur, as she pulled her handkerchief from her apron pocket and walked, head down in the pantry.

An Acrostic poem for Mrs Bancroft by Jowan

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Beaming every day.


No one will be better at the job at this school than you.

Considerate of every one

Responsible for every thing


Fantastic head teacher,

Thoughtful of others.

Thank you for being an amazing head teacher and I am sure you will be as brilliant in your next job as you have been in this one. Goodbye and good luck.

Yours sincerely,

Jowan Dengler

Dear Mrs Bancroft by Lewis

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

You have done a lot for this school; some major, some small, but it still helped us. In lots of ways you have helped me and the school. You gave me support when I needed it with friendships.  You gave us the advantage to wear wellies on the field instead of school shoes and hundreds of other things. I will really miss you as will other people. I just can’t explain how dreadful it is that you’re leaving Constantine school.

Why I am sad:

  • You are the best head teacher I have ever had.
  • You helped me when I needed it.

I will miss your great skill, and how you arrange all these amazing things for us like ice-skating, going to the telegraph museum when we were in Kenwyn and going to Roskillys.

For Mrs Bancroft by Mirta

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

You have given me a really warm well come and I’m really sad that you are leaving. Every day you wait for us, even when it’s raining. You all ways give u s bread when it’s lunch time. You’re the best head teacher I have ever met. Your kindness is immense and your heart is too. You help young children and older ones alike.

Mrs Bancroft I’m heartbroken that you’re leaving, because you are joy to our school and our hearts. I wish you good luck if you need anything from me then you can count on me as you have done so much for us. You have taught us to be kind and lovely to each other just like you. When we went on camp to the Eden project you went every single day there – I’m amazed by that.

You always have a smile on your face. I hope that you will visit as it will make us very happy. You’re a very great head teacher.

I just want to say one last thing: you have given us love and support and that is one of the best things a head teacher can do.

Good luck I will never forget you.

By Mirta

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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Mrs Bancroft is a loving and kind head mistress (the best!)


She always cheers for the winning team even if she’s not in the team. She always congratulates you if you come 1st or 2nd,  even last, and gives you a sticker.


We celebrate lots of charities throughout the year (but Pudsey day is the best.) Mrs Bancroft is the host of all the charities, on Pudsey day she puts out spots for us to put money on for charities.


My favourite assembly was when a man came in to do a fabulous show and it was like fire but it wasn’t, iit was like magic and Mrs Bancroft paid for all the people to come in for assembly to show something.


Mrs Bancroft all ways is polite because she hands out the bread and says to everyone would you like some bread? And she is always polite.

Mrs Bancroft Memories by Mason

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I have thought a lot about you and I don’t want you to leave our school. You have been the best head teacher in the whole entire world. Even though I have only known you for three years, I still have not a lot of memories of you and here they are:

My best memory was the time you joined because you were so nice to the whole school.  When you let us go to Princess Pavilions to see the Christmas trees decorations the school made was great.

I hope we get a good new head teacher but hopefully not better than you because I don’t think that there can be a better head teacher.

Even though I know you will have to go, please don’t leave our school.

Constantine School is so lucky to have you as our head teacher.

Thank you Mrs Bancroft and goodbye.

Thank You Mrs Bancroft from Freya

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

thank you for all you’ve done in our school: helping little children (also older children) and telling children off if they’re being mean. So because of you being here you have given us the courage to love each other and help teachers if they need any help. You’re kindness grows as you teach us to help one and another and learn the golden rules of the school.

Mrs Bancroft, I am heartbroken that you are leaving but I wish you good luck on whatever you are going to experience in your time of not being here. Everyone is so sad that you are leaving but we wish you a very nice time leaving the school even though it will be an emotional time. Mrs Bancroft, you have been my hero through the past years and have shown braveness being a head teacher. You always have a smile on your face and sometimes a determined face to win anything for the school.

In this school you have taught us the meaning of love and care and now our school represents a good attitude and that should attract more people to come to our school.

Mrs Bancroft thank you again for everything you’ve done; you truly are my hero and between me and you I know you can count on me and I can count on you.


Lots of love from Freya


The Best Head Teacher Ever by Theo

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Best Head Teacher Ever!

All the people of Constantine school are very grateful to have had Mrs Bancroft as a head teacher. Mrs Bancroft has always taken in ideas and has done many things for this school. We will always remember the things she has done for us such as:

  • Providing all those fun stickers at Chistmas time
  • Gives out lots of certificates every Friday
  • Always available when you want to talk to her
  • Took the whole school to the cinema to see Frozen

And that’s not even a sixth of what she has done.


The Best Head Teacher Ever by Isaac

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Best head teacher in the multiverse.

As magnificent as a superhero.

Nice and super friendly.

Considerate and always looking for good opportunities.

Rapid at maths.

Omniscient, kind and always happy.

Face always has a smile.

The all-knowing head mistress.

Mrs Bancroft Memories by Samuel

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I remember when I was in Lerryn class and Mrs Bancroft took care of us for the day and we played a fun game called splat. When we were in Helford class she booked us in for a morning at the cinema to watch Frozen. Every morning she would say “Good morning Samuel,” which made me ready for the day. Mrs Bancroft gave us the advantage of wearing boots on the field instead of going onto the playground which made us all happy.

Mrs Bancroft has been very helpful with the school and when we were little there were no stickers then when Mrs Bancroft joined she started giving stickers to kids who ate all their food. Back when I was in Lerryn, Mrs Bancroft came again and we did some fun addition.

She got builders to make our play area stronger so it wouldn’t fall apart. Mrs Bancroft makes everything fun; we will be sad to see her leave. She would also make Tuesday assemblies fun because she would tell a story.

Mrs Bancroft also brought in the Premier League Trophy and the Plymouth Argyle coaches we also had a picture with the Premier League trophy. She also allowed us to go on our class trips like ice skating at Eden.

I will miss Mrs Bancroft because of what she did for our school.

Mrs Bancroft by Josh L

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

We’re all sad to see you go because of all the things you’ve done. We all hope you have had a great three years and all the people of Constantine have been grateful to have you and we are sad to see you go.

We can remember when you took us to see Frozen and when we entered in the best decorated Christmas tree at Princess Pavillions.

Here is an acrostic poem I wrote for you:




Best head mistress,

Always kind to the people of Constantine school,

Nice to the people of Constantine,

Creative Curriculum Author

Responsible making sure everyone is safe.




Please come and visit us all at Constantine school.

Your sincrely,


Mrs Bancroft By Jake S

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Mrs Bancroft, you have made my school life fun and easy,

Running this school is the perfect job for you.

School needs you; please stay here.


Because of you our school is the nicest in the world.

Amazing at caring for hurt and upset children.

Nice to be in your presence.

Caring is the thing you do the best,

Reliable is what you are,

Open your heart and believe in yourself.

Forever our school will remember you,

This school depends on you to keep making it better and better forever.

By Jake

Mrs Bancroft Letter by Nayte

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

We are all sad to see you leave our wonderful school you have done a lot for our school like:

  • Bring the premier league trophy in and some of Plymouth Argyle players
  • Helped hire the mini busses for our school trips
  • Enter competitions for our school to win some nice things in assembly.

We will miss you Mrs Bancroft 🙁

A Letter and a Poem for Mrs Bancroft by Frankie

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Dear Mrs Bancroft,

A letter and a poem for you to enjoy…

It has come to my attention that you are leaving our school at the end of term .This is a great shame as what you and the P.T.A have done to the school is truly great .I hope the teacher who is going to replace you has the kindness, teaching experience, loving for children and much more that you do have the school .

I don’t think anyone is as kind and clever as you, so here is a poem dedicated to you:

Best headteacher ever

Active [mostly because all of the work she does],

Needed everywhere,

Cleverer than ever,

Running the school is half of cool,

On target for work all of the time,

Fantastic woman,

Tis a shame to see ye go.



By Frank



Mrs Bancroft by Helen

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Mrs Bancroft has made my school life better since she came,

Running this school is the best job for her.

She is like Wonder Woman; she saves the day.

Be careful and have fun at your new job.

Always kind and caring to all the pupils at Constantine school,

Nice and supportive to all the teachers.

Can we have lots of visits from you?

Roaming around the school, you look for good children.

Once in a while you come and inspected our class.

Freshly picked roses are just like you.

This school needs you because you are the best head teacher

by Helen A

Mrs Bancroft by Beau

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To the Best Head Teacher ever,





Bright as the sun,


Nimble as a mathematician

Creative Curriculum Author.

Bestless trying to find new opportunities,

Organized, like a new house,

Fair, kind and amazing,

Talented like a professional storywriter.

Mrs Bancroft you are the best head teacher we have had by far and here are some qualities I want our new one to have just like you! Kindness, Caring, Joy, Careful, New opportunities for all, Hardworking I could go on forever but what I really want to say is Have a Great Time! We Will Miss You! To the Best Head Teacher ever!