The Attack of the Mutant Vegetables in French by Barney CG

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Je n’oublierai jamais le jour où nous avons découvert que nous n’étions pas seuls dans ce vaste univers. Une flotte d’environ 200 vaisseaux spatiaux a volé vers notre planète à une vitesse formidable. Quand ils étaient à environ 30 mètres au-dessus de la terre, ils ont tiré des lumières vertes sur tous les légumes et les fruits partout dans le monde. Il semblait que les légumes n’avaient pas été blessés au début, mais après que les aliens aient laissé des choses étranges ont commencé à se produire. Une femme s’est réveillée un matin et a découvert le jus de tomate partout, un vieil homme est venu à la maison du travail un jour et a trouvé sa porte du réfrigérateur bien ouverte et la nourriture sur le sol. Une foule de champignons assassins a attaché un enfant aux balustrades et a aspiré l’azote hors de lui. La police était déconcertée par ce qui arrivait aux gens de la terre et emprisait une bande de concombres meurtriers dans une boîte en titane, mais ce n’était pas utile. Au milieu de la nuit, les concombres ont brûlé un trou dans le cote et ont glissé. “Je veux plus d’azote!” Dit un concombre à un autre. “Ne vous inquiétez pas”, a-t-il répondu: “Nous recevrons bientôt les autres prisonniers”. Ils ont rampé dans les couloirs sombres et humides aux autres détenus. Quand ils ont atteint une porte verrouillée, ils ont simplement brûlé à travers elle. Quand ils atteignirent le dernier couloir, silhouetted contre la porte, se tenait un grand et puissant policier. Au fur et à mesure que les concombres se rapprochaient, ils remarquaient qu’il tenait un couteau dans une main et une fourchette dans l’autre. Il s’est penché et a poignardé la fourche à travers un des concombres. Un cri poussiéreux retentit dans les couloirs et le policier a tranché le concombre en deux, mais c’était une grosse erreur. Les deux moitiés de concombre ont sauté sur le visage de l’homme et ont sué l’azote hors de lui. Les légumes du monde entier ont commencé à attaquer les gens pour en retirer l’azote. Ils ont attaqué une ville à la fois jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient effacé la race humaine et qu’ils soient passés aux animaux. Quelques personnes ont survécu et se sont cachées dans leurs caves et ont vécu sur du pain et de la confiture, mais parce que la confiture est faite de fruits, les gens qui l’ont mangé ont eu l’azote aspiré. Après que toute la vie a été effacée sur terre, les extraterrestres sont retournés sur terre et ont ramassé tous les fruits et légumes et les ont emmenés dans leur station spatiale qui orbitait Saturne. Là, les fruits et les légumes ont donné l’azote aux aliens qui l’ont utilisé pour une expérience scientifique pour transformer le gaz sur Saturne en acide bleu.

The Secret Door by Cian Part 3

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In the split seconds I was falling, a compartment fell open with a lifejacket in it. The helicopter hit the water. I was flung against the windscreen, smashing it. I was dizzy for a few seconds, then I grabbed the lifejacket and swam out. My lungs were burning and it made my vision blurry. I slipped the lifejacket on and remembered breaking the surface, when I passed out. I woke up in a lifeboat, with a blanket wrapped around me. “Are you alright?” asked one of the crew. I didn’t reply. I just went to sleep.

I woke up in a chair. Opposite me sat a police interrogation officer. “Why were you flying that helicopter?” he asked. “I-I don’t know,” I replied. “There was a magic do-” I began. ” Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!” interrupted the officer. ” You could have been killed!” he yelled. He leaned across the table. ” You stole a helicopter. You should be locked up,” he said quietly. ” No! Wait I-” I started. “There’s no point arguing,” intervened the police officer. ” We all know you did it,”. “But-” I tried to say. ” Right, I’ll get someone to escort you to your cell.” the officer said. He pressed a button on his desk. A prison guard came in and hauled me out the chair and dragged me to the door. The interrogator smiled as the door closed.

The cell was small. The was a bed, a chair and some drawers under the bed. I couldn’t believe I went from going to work to being locked in a prison cell. I was in there for about 4 months when I noticed a loose bar in the window. I rattled it. I would need some sort of tool to dig it out. Later that day I smuggled a spoon from the cafeteria into my cell.That night I had a long and sleepless night, dreaming about escaping, only to be captured again. At noon the next day I set to work on the loose bar. I reckoned I could get it by nightfall. At around 8 o’clock that evening I finally managed to pry the bar loose. I slipped through the gap and breathed in the fresh night air. I was free!


The Secret Door by Kirsty

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The Secret Door

The wind blew hard. I had been walking for hours on end. I was in the harsh environment of Antarctica   looking for somewhere to shelter. I was surrounded by an endless white landscape where all life perished. And I was no exception.

But then far away in the distance a shape started to form.  It started as a mist but slowly it began to form into a shape more solid and pure. I stumbled towards the door as fast I could and soon enough it was there in front of me.

It was made of a polished oak in a marble frame with the addition of a lion door knocker on the front. I reached out my hand towards the lion knocker and grabbed it with all my strength. I tugged it open but wrong choice because everything went black…

Suddenly, my eyes flickered open to find myself staring at a marble like ceiling. I turned my head to the left and saw rows upon rows of pews then I turned my head to the right and saw another long row of pews. Instinct told me to stand up and explore.

After hours of exploring it had come to my mind that I was in a cathedral of type but the only problem was that there was no sign of life at all. But at that moment a door began to slowly open. I couldn’t prepare myself for what happened next. Out stepped a ghostly figure dressed in the clothes of a vicar. His eyes were the ones of a wolf, his teeth were the ones of a lion and instead of nails there were long white claws.

The mutant creature scanned the area with his yellow eyes seeking any movement. I stayed frozen on my feet not moving a single muscle. But it was no use. The creature saw me and started to meditate in my direction. His teeth were bared snarling viciously whilst saliva dripped from his mouth. When he was only 10cm from me he stopped and stared at me in a way that made you think he was living a death. What did the door do? Did it lead people to their death?









The Secret Door by JB

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It must be sixty years ago now but I’m not sure because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Since I Jameson Barnes have witnessed the unimaginable and unexplainable…
It was when I was thirty I was on a trip to try to find and shut down the endangered, Vaquita fishers. The Vaquita, a strange happy creature, had been on the brink of extinction due to over fishing
My crew and I had been tipped of about an abandoned mental asylum that apparently housed an illegal fishing organisation. I started to wonder through with my colleague, Drew. All of the beds had been ransacked and there were puddles of dried blood all over the concrete, freezing, and dented bug infested floor. We started to creep by cells and strait jackets. When we saw what seemed to be an operating theatre. With discarded bloody tools everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eerie glow coming from the cafeteria down the hall.
So I told Drew that I was going to investigate.The door slowly creaked open. I heard a bloodcurdling scream. I don’t quite know what happened then because I blacked out. All I know is that after about twenty minutes I awoke. A petite white door covered by ivy and surrounded by a cracked marble door frame, appeared in front of me. It must have been about four inches away from my face. On the centre hung a magnificent, silver, lions head Victorian door knocker. I was not strong enough to stand so I meandered over to the door and pushed with all my available strength and pushed.

Everything went white. I could feel snow on my nose. I stared around and then things started materializing around me. I saw an at least six hundred foot fall next to me. The ground beneath my feet was covered in a milky white icy blanket of snow. My instincts gathered all my might and stood me up. As I did the ground made a crunch like a walnut in a nutcracker.

I spotted a sign slightly to my left saying: Jigokudani Monkey Park. I don’t know how I could have been so oblivious to the fact I was surrounded by winter lodges and cafes. I hauled myself up on a snow covered pine tree. Its bark felt just like mouldy carpet. I cowered towards a small iced bridge. Maybe made of dark oak. Even though there were loads of man made things no one was there I searched every cabin. I examined every café. I even looked under every coffee machine.

I settled myself into a small hut on the outskirts of the resort and just slept for about seven hours because I needed to get some energy back. But strangely enough we I woke I was in what seemed to be the middle of a Japanese street fair. There were brightly coloured lights in the shape of Chinese lanterns. I was pushed and shoved all over the place by the dancers. I really wanted to get back at that point so I thought that if this was a dream I could just have a nap to get me back to reality.

So I found a small cardboard box and an alley way and drifted off to sleep. Soon I once again awoke, but this time I was in some sort of dark chamber with some kind of distorted, naked, white and non-armed creature. Its face was long and dark.  “Come girl.  Tell me how you got here.” It whispered in my ear in a petrified and high pitched tone. “How?”

“I don’t know sir” I said in my calmest voice “but do you know where we are?”

“We are in the demons dimension.”

“How do I leave?”

“You must complete my task.”

I stood contemplating what I had to do to leave when the thing said;

“You my girl must murder my killer. Jamie Trevion. Can you do that my girl?”

“Ok” I said but I instantly regretted my decision. Jamie Trevion was Michael Trevion’s dad. Michael Trevion was my partner. But I had to leave and get back to him but I did not want to put him through that. I just did not know. The demon dimension has been my home ever since.



The Secret Door by Taya

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I’ve just got back from my dad’s house.  Whilst I was walking into my house I put my bag on the couch. Then I walk up the stairs and shut the window because it was chilli and I continue walking up the stairs. Randomly a door came out of nowhere. (It looked like something I couldn’t I afford)

It was kind of fancy in a way there was a door knocker was shaped like a lion and the material like brass. I was blinded the door was so bright I kept blinking after that the brightness faded away. Two vines where growing upwards from the bottom of the door. Before I went a step closer to the door I realised stone slabs at the bottom of the door in-between the vines the right vine was higher than the left vine. The actual door itself was a polished oak wood it looked like it had drawers and the doors had diagonal lines going corner to corner on the drawers so it made a cross.

Later on I hear I a bang I think someone has broken in to the house so I hide. There is man or a woman in a black hoodie he doesn’t notice me  he opens the door and he walks in the mysterious door (I look to but it was too bright for my eyesight).

So I take five steps to the door first I knock on the door. At first instead of an answer there’s an animus answer so I let myself in like I don’t care it seems like I am teleporting I have to wait for five seconds before I get there I here weird noises well I am teleporting.

My eyes pop out and I see a green pot which I think is made out of green stained glass on the left side of it is a small size lamp and it is was being powered with batteries. However there was on thing that was on my mind I realised I wasn’t wearing shoes I took them off on the way in and the floor was cold also the floor was a bronze colour. Opposite me was a grey room screen and it was rusty ,after my eyes stopped focusing on the screen I stared to look at something else a tiny dark green chair well most off the chair was green apart from the bit you sit on it was  wood it was like the wood on the door it was polished. On the part you lean on there was a flower pattern with some vines is well.

There were two glamour’s chairs with gold arm rest and the acutely seat was a cream colour to be honest it looked quiet comfy. I notice that there was a picture leaning on the chair I couldn’t tell what it was and it had a sliver frame. Next to their chairs and behind the green stained glass pot was a cupboard it was copper and a rusty brown there was a bell in the and it there was there was glass on it but it sadly it shattered. I didn’t really describe anything else in that area because nothing else was that fascinating something shattered a beep came on I think time is up and I got teleported again and it took me to a different place.

Wow I thought I was dreaming when I came to my second place I was at Great Seto Bridge it was an amazing height off 194 meters can’t believe it I am in Japan umm I said to myself I was standing on top of the bridge. The rood was clean and it was beautiful and stunning view the bars were sinning and polished. (I hope I don’t have a time limit here).

In the Conner of my eye I saw some houses two roofs where blue, one was red and the rest of the where grey.

I heard an instant bang and a crash coming towards. I see a stairs case so sprint for my life I take a quick glance behind me and it the man/woman from the begging he/she has two knives he/she is glued to the knives as I am running he/she said for “goodness sakes”(I think he is a man because he voice is low)  I’m not so sure why he said it I think it is because one of the blades of the knife snapped and he cut himself I think. In my head I was so glad the man cut himself because it grabbed me some time to run.

I get down to the bottom of the stair case and I look left and right before I step foot on the road. I run and run and run until I see he is quiet far away from me I hear a beep times up I teleport back home. There is a hammer in the shelf so I smash a door so that the guy in the black hoodie can’t come in.

Today was fun a little bit dangerous.

The War door by harry

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I heard someone scream as they got shot by a German sniper and rolled down into our trench (and he almost kicked me in the head but luckily he missed.)

I was really nervous because my commander was about to send me out of the trenches on to the battle field 5 minutes later I was out of the trench and in what I called HELL.

As soon as I was out of the trench I ran to the only spot that I could see that was safe (which unfortunately all it was a pile of sand bags.)

The more screams I heard the more scared I got.

I moved my head and just as is did that a bullet from the sniper came straight past my face and misses by an inch. My whole body was shaking as if I were in Antarctica.

But then I heard a noise as if it came from heaven. I looked beside me and saw a grand Victorian door with a lion knocker in the middle. The frame looked as though it was marble and the wood was like vanished oak and vines wrapped around it.

I stepped through the door into a frozen land| which looked like an animal aquarium full of monkeys. All of the people that were around me seemed so relaxed, nothing like it was during the war. Somebody photographed a monkey that was right next to me. My eyes were burning because of the sudden light that came from the camera. I turned around and everyone ran away from me but I wasn’t to shore why. I followed them to a hut in the hut I found a couple of people they all went and hid behind the desk apart from one. I ran over to them and asked her why everyone was running away she told me it was because I had a shot gun hanging off my shoulder and that everyone thought that I was a terrorist. I took off my gun and dropped it on the floor and said that I was extremely sorry and explained the story to all of the people at the aquarium. They didn’t really understand but they believed me. They said that they would show me around there world but I thought. Why would they do that when I am in the same world at the same time, unless I’m not at the same time and the door also time travelled me forward in time.

I asked them what year it was and they said that it was 2010. I was shocked at how far forward in time I had gone. I showed them the door that brought me here. I asked them if they knew how to send me back but they said no. I tried to think off how I got to this time on earth.

After a few minutes an answer popped into my head which was to just simply step through the door but then the door suddenly went disappeared I was stuck in this time this place. I’d never see my family ever again, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have to fight in the war. But then I remembered how the door suddenly popped up it was when the sniper shot the bullet that almost hit my nose which made petrified. Which triggered the door to come down beside so the only way was for me to be petrified?

I told the other people how they were supposed to petrified me and the only way is to do the same thing as the German sniper did which is to miss my nose with a bullet

After a few minutes I was ready to be shot at. The man with my shot gun aimed at me well not exactly at me but just off my nose. He shot it just missed me the door appeared right in front of me. From inside the I could hear all of the shouting and screaming from the war. I waved at the people that helped me to get back to my own time. I stepped through the door well I was crawling really so that I could stay away from that German sniper but then I slipped and saw a glimpse of the sniper. After I had got back on my feet I tried to find the sniper and once I had I aimed my gun at the sniper a shot right at his head and hit him.  I shouted REVANGE.



The Secret Door by Olivia

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The Secret Door

I was walking through the village woods with Cookie, my Jack-Russell. We were walking back home when he started barking ferociously at god knows what. I lifted my head from the ground and directed my eyes at what he was growling territorially at. At first I thought it was just an illusion after all I had been walking a long way from town, back home. Standing up right was a door not my family white ordinary door, an entrance in the middle of a regular woodland.

It was a large grand door had some sort of white backdrop behind it. It was, maybe made of oak, a polished, smooth door, and in the middle it had some sort of brass door knocker in the shape of a lion. A marble arch was surrounded  the gateway.

Cookie moved forward to scratch at the door but I pulled her back scared at what might have come out. I must have lost my mind since I decided to charge forward into the snowy barrier. A stupid idea I now realise. I automatically fell backwards and not only did I form a bruise from the wall I bashed my head on muddy floor. So I decided to walk through the door. Surely it would take me to the opposite side of the wood.

I stepped inside another big mistake. I ended up in a supermarket marmite, flour, cookies, beef and chocolate. Cookie started howling strongly his nose leaning towards some dogs treats I tugged the lead back in my direction. I turned round to exit the doorway we had previously entered but it wasn’t there. All I could see was the transparent entrance of the store we ran outside expecting to run onto the streets outside but I ended up back in the woods. The grand door was standing in front of me I stepped foot into it yet again hoping for the wood on the other side.

I was now in the Apo Islands River of the Philippines there was no way of me being able to be down there I was in my bar clothes no scuba diving kit unusual plants and animals were all around me but because of all the scenery I forgot about my breath I swam as fast as I could to the surface of the water, then I heard something behind me reach the top of the river I heard a squeal of attention scared to turn around there was Cookie bobbing behind me. We both searched different areas but even between the both of us we couldn’t spot any land… well at least not for miles there was no chance of us getting to shore let alone getting home. My home in Constantine was nowhere near the Philippines. We decided to make the most of our time there and we went exploring I headed into an underwater cave surrounded by peach coral and marine-life Cookie followed behind  and guess where we ended up… yep back in the woods with the door in front of me! But how come I wasn’t soaked to the bone?

You would think after all this time I would have learnt not to step through the door once again. But I was stupid enough to enter it again.

This time I was in the place any thirteen year old would want to go every day of the week the theme park rollercoasters, log flumes, candyfloss and best of all it was in California! Maybe a little far away from home but I wasn’t going to miss out on any of that first it  was the rollercoasters than I was hoping to have a go on the log flume but as soon I was about to get drenched from the litres of water that was going to splash me but back in the woods  I was for some reason I had candy floss in my hand nibbling on my sweet ball of fluff, I reached for the door curios about where it would take me next. If I had paid attention and listed to Cookie’s bark of warning I wouldn’t have fell to the floor. Luckily my candyfloss didn’t get dirty but at least was now able to walk back home without walking into another door after a while I finally got back home.

“WHERE WERE YOU?!” mum exclaimed


The Secret Door by Ronan J

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The heat and smoke that I’d been enduring for years was finally getting to me. I could feel my lungs burning as I swung my pick for what could be the last time. The mines were where I had been working since the age of seven, working hard for eight hours a day to feed and nourish my family. Only to die six years later from lung cancer at thirteen; as my weary mottled hands swung the axe into the stone wall I noticed a bright white light emanating from the rock. My curiosity spurred me on and in less than five minutes I had revealed a door. It was made of a varnished mahogany with a large silver lion knocker centred in the very middle. The bright white light that I had seen was protruding from the sides of it, lighting up the cave with its eary glow. I instinctively hit the lion knocker. I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t what happened next. The large Imposing door swung open revealing… The greenest place I had seen in my entire life, I stepped through and fell into a swirling lake. Instinctively, I shouted out as the cold hit me but my mouth filled with water as I drifted below the surface. Living my whole life in a mine I had never taken the precaution of learning to swim therefor I was helpless to the power of the great lake as it dragged me under. Luckily I passed out and floated to the surface of the water. I drifted for miles until I was awoken by the sound of rushing white water. Looking around me I remembered where I was, trying to remain calm was getting increasingly difficult due to the Growing sound of crashing water. Strangely my cancer had become non-existent. Not that I’m complaining of course. The water was becoming unbearably loud and I was looking around, trying to find the cause of the noise. As I turned left I saw that the water abruptly ended in a waterfall. Panicking profusely, I tried kicking away from the waterfall but to no avail. I was dragged over the edge and fell into a deep pool at the very bottom. My legs had been shattered by the fall and woke up screaming to the excruciating pain. I stared straight into the eyes of a snake. Petrified with fear, for I had a snake phobia. I was baffled and joyous when to my great relief the snake ignored me and slithered away. My moment of happiness dissipated as soon as it had arrived for I realised that there was no way for me to get back home. Even if my legs were working for I had come here by some unimaginable force. Whilst I was thinking these thoughts I could feel myself drifting away from the world and as my eyes closed for the last time I wasn’t aware of my death. How strange…

The Secret Door by Barney CG

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The Secret Door



Gradually, as I trudged along a snow covered path through the misty woods a clearing loomed into view. In the middle of it, I saw the outline of a rectangle form. I had been walking for ages and my warm furs weighed me down so much I could barely pull myself to the door. After struggling for about five minutes I eventually reached the lone door.

It had intricate carvings in the stonework surrounding it and the polished elm door had a huge lion door knocker set in the very centre. I reached out a hand to knock but then stopped and thought: What was a door doing in the middle of a forest? I made up my mind and swiftly pushed open the door and stepped through.

Then blackness…

I still don’t believe it now seven years after it happened. I woke up on a rocky path on the edge of a canyon and other than a few shrubby bushes and trees there was no living flora or fauna species. Unluckily, I was still in my warm furs, I checked my watch, it was a very expensive watch and it had changed to native time which was 15:13. The watch also had a thermometer on it as well as a barometer, an altimeter, a clock, a toothpick, some tweezers, a pen and a lot more. The temperature was +50°c. My furs raised the temperature by 20°c Standing on the edge of the canyon, I ripped off my furs and stared out over the desolate place I have appeared in. The sight was beautiful; it was like there were massive ant hills in a desert scattered all over the place. On the edge of the canyon stood a sign saying something like: When mules pass stand to the left of trail, follow mule guides instructions.

Smoothly, I slid down the canyon and into an ice cold lake. Something big and scaly swam past my feet. I shivered. Not because of the cold water but because of the creatures swimming past my body. Suddenly, a stabbing pain surged through my leg; I looked down at it and saw hundreds of tiny tooth marks in two semicircles on either side of my leg. At the bottom of the lake stood a peculiar rectangle. I swam down to examine it further. It looked identical to the one in the forest back at home; I opened it slowly, my lungs were beginning to burn, then I swam through the door.

I appeared in the forest again and retraced my steps along the snowy path, it had thawed a bit now but I was freezing because I didn’t have my furs anymore. I found the main road and on the left hand side stood our little farm house I opened the door and went in.
























The Door by William

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The Door


The rain poured outside our house. A sad wet day on Christmas Eve ruined the outside of our beloved home. I was hiding the presents for the kids in the attic. So at night I sneaked up into the sodden compartment with a ladder and climbed in, the presents were still there but a mysterious door stood there. I wounded “Why is that there?” “What’s inside it?”

I looked at my watch, it was 10:05, and I had loads of time. So I stared at it for a while, described it to myself: oak wood, holly leaves, loin head knocker, no handle! After a long period of thinking, I pushed it open…

Out of the blue I turned up on a cathedral, sort of the one we have in Truro. The wondrous place had tons of chairs, probably about 5000! It had glamorous new stain glass windows and a stunning roof with beautiful patterns

I glanced behind me, an encased hole with guide ropes around it. I carefully walked over there and peeked in and it was nothing but a normal hole. I thought how can I get back? I looked in the hole again, it was different, the door was there again. Without hesitation I jumped in and there I was, back in the attic. I looked at my watch and it said 10:05 the same time I entered the door! So I forgot all about it and carried the presents downstairs and put them under the tree ready for Christmas.




The secret door by Mawgan

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The wind blew roughly as I walked through the streets of Tokyo towards the local noodle place. Cars drove past me throwing drops of rain at me which was not a pleasure. I looked up at the moon light shining down on the city with a white glow. I walked and walked for hours but it would still be worth it for the food.  When I reached it I opened the door and I was teleported to a white void with one thing but me inside it. A door a random door. A door with roman like pillars beside it. Plants crawling up the pillars and in the middle

I stepped through the door and suddenly I was in a snowy landscape. Luckily I was wearing my warmest clothes. I explored for a while and found absolutely nothing but I wondered some more and just found snow more snow and more snow. Snowy mountains covered most of the landscape like towering giants. I moved closer to the mountains every second and when I reached the canyon of mountains an amazing sight was waiting for me.

I walked through a conveniently shaped arch between two mountains and spotted a snowy lump in the middle of the circle embedded around the lump I decided this was to strange for me and started walking back to the door. I made it to the door went back to the noodle place on the other side of the door and went home.

A Not So Ordinary Wood By Lily

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It was an ordinary day in an ordinary wood. The leaves were rustling. It felt so magical. I glanced down onto the little glistening lake when I saw there right in front of me, all the trees turning into doors about 7 foot tall, I pinched myself I could not believe it .ALL of the trees were a very polished looking door with a grand lion door knocker it very slowly the outer part of the door was turning into a very white looking marble raped in ivy. The erg to go through one of the doors was unstoppable. I dropped my belongings and ran to the nearest door …….

It was on a beautiful woven bridge. It had a sparkling tropical river beneath I looked left there were green leaves and trees all around. I looked to the right there were rocks and more river then a little building caught my eye so I walked to find it. As I was walking I found an abandoned village. It was the prettiest thing I have ever seen covered in emerald green ivy. Flowers growing out of the granite walls. I kept on walking up and up the hills till I got to the top, it was incredible. The river looked tiny and that bridge looked like a brown dot there was many more villages that I expected.  All of a sudden, I saw a magic door appear so I decided to go back through whilst I could. I arrived back in the same wood the doors were still there slowly fading back into trees.

I thought I better get home quickly because I have been gone for longer than an hour. My mum asked me if I had a nice time, I replied and said the best time in the best wood and ran to my bed room.

The Door by Samuel

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I look up to a Morden skyscraper which was just finished yesterday it was a techno marvel it had everything. As I walk in to the building I realise how smart the building really was because there robots everywhere to power the tower. As my tour guided took us to the second floor I start about the thinking the past which I think is strange because it is techno brake threw but I am thinking of the past. I carry on thinking this until we hit the second floor. My tour guide lead me out of the lift she talks about the building but I didn’t listen instead I’m still think about the past until out of the corner of my eye I see a rustic and old wooden door. I ask my tour guide “what is that door?” the guide says “I don’t know,” I thought that was very peculiar but not as peculiar as the old door in the most high tech building ever made. I then ask the tour guide can I go to the toilet” I didn’t need the toilet I just said it so I could investigate. She replied “okay,” I walked towards the door. And every step it became. More unclear somehow I started to hear gunshots and shouting.

When I got to the door I really started to realise how odd this really was it is the most high tech building with “the oldest door” I think to myself. Then I tied to image why it is there and what is behind the old thing. And then the time came open the door. But to add suspense I looked threw the post box to see what looks like London but in the 1940s. Knowing that it was safe I pushed the door and looked to be in 1940s in a café. There was an American troop everywhere and I ask one “where am I and what year is tit” the man responded with “London 1941 what’s your prob” I say “I don’t know what’s your name” the guy says “Jackson what’s yours,”


“Were you from Samuel?”

“London, you?”


I say “bye,” and I walk off to the streets of London. I then realised how crazy this really was time traveling. Then I thought about what to do next get a room or go back to future like Mcfly. I decide to get room I look for the nearest hotel. I then found one and it was not just one it was the One otherwise known as the Ritz. Why not I could afford because I had wallet full money and it was 5 pound a night. And I had 500 pound in my wallet. I check in to the small hotel. When I got to my room I think about what I could by with 500 pounds. I then went to bed from a day of madness 1 minute in 2041 next in 1941 and that door is it still there and how I am going to get back.


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The Secret Door by Cian Part 2

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I stepped through the door. It immediately vanished behind me. I looked around. I was in some sort of classroom. It was wrecked, with bookcases on the floor, the chalkboard had fallen down, it was a wreck. The floor was cracked and most of the windows were smashed out. I walked outside. I went to the front of the building, and there was garage with a car parked in it. “This is getting weirder and weirder,” I said to myself. I walked further down the street. There was no one around, which was strange. I saw more garages, more cars, but I still hadn’t seen anyone. Suddenly, there was a popping noise, and the door appeared in front of me. It opened, and I felt myself being sucked into it.

All of a sudden I was on sand. I looked around. I was on a desert island in the middle of the sea! Next to me was a huge blue helicopter with the words GBR helicopters on the side. I climbed in the cockpit. I nosed the joystick and suddenly the blades started spinning. I took my hand away and they slowed then stopped. This looks pretty simple I thought to myself. I pressed down on the joystick and the helicopter lifted into the air. I pushed it forwards and the helicopter went forwards. Soon the island was out of view. I was flying a helicopter! I couldn’t believe it! After about an hour of just fying forwards I sighted land. I turned the helicopter towards it, and started flying in that direction. There was a beep from the helicopter. I was running out of fuel! I urged it onwards, although it started to slow down. Suddenly I was falling, falling into the deep blue beneath…

The Secret Door: A Life In Antarctica by Leo P1

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The Antarctic. One of the most hostile places on the planet, yet the last natural existence left on earth. Scientific studies are always talking place in Antarctica. And I am in one of them. I am Stranded. It is an elongated story how I got denied from my crew, so I will not tell you how it happened, but the present is still at work. My Echo Oxygen F9 is not working. The EOF9 stores my health rate, my heat stealth: so that if my blood heat creases or decreases from expected tempeture, it would Obliterate those specs of burning heat atoms in your blood cells. The EOF9 also supplies my life form.

I am crawling. My legs are burning and scorching from the sub-zero ground. I can just make this un- accepted form of rectangle. It’s the colure brown bruise, and has such a substantial, solid and distinctive shape it gives me enough courage to exemplary my self across the frozen horizon. I am there. The mysterious shape was a door, but not any door. The door had an gargantuan knocker, the right size for a giant to grasp. At the back of the doorway, there was none-existence for the door to open into. So I push the door open. There is iridescent white matter. Where will I go…?

The Secret Door by Cian Part 1

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I stepped out on to the street. It was a chilly morning, and there was no one else around. I unlocked the car and slipped into the driver’s seat. The drive to work was peaceful, and there weren’t many people around. I stopped the engine and climbed out. Oddly, there was no one around. I was an employee of Clarks Enterprises. I took the lift to my office. I saw no one. When I stepped inside I was instantly surprised. There was a huge door, about 7ft, Right in front of me! I walked over to it. It was magnificent, with a brass lion head knocker embedded in the oak.

On the table next to it there was a note saying-Go through-. I looked at it. Should I go through? I considered the options. Staying meant working and putting up with this giant door. Going meant… well I don’t know! I made up my mind. I pushed it open…

Money Wasters by Samuel, Cian and Barney. Issue no.3

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Ridiculously overpriced furniture is what we will be looking at today, in this Money Wasters issue! Here are some examples:


Leather and walnut 2 seater-£16,500 + £80 shipping!



Corner sofa with footstool 2 seater-£49 free shipping!


Garden sofa-£18,000 + £20 shipping!


Garden sofa set £1.99 free shipping!

So there you have it. We looked at sofas all shapes and sizes, and all different prices. It comes to show just how much you can spend on sofas.

Next time we will be looking at tools in all their forms. Goodbye!

Bermuda Triangle 1 by Samuel

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Today We set of today on an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. Because there has been a radar sighting of an island, we were told to travel to this island for studies. we were warned not go from the locals but we shall carry on.

Are group is called curtis after the great pirate. We are made of 5 people which one is Danny is an amazing sailor from the royal navy, another is Josh a radar reader from the royal navy, there is also joey a mechanic, harry a navigator and me I am the groups captain James.

We travel by boat so that we can study the wild life and get there easily.  Image result for boat

Tsunamis by Harry

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A tsunami is caused by tectonic plates stopping or moving which causes an earthquake, volcanic activity and possibly underwater disruption. A tsunami is one of the world’s most catastrophic and devastating events. Unlike a normal wave: a tsunami is made by the displacement of water, where as a normal wave is made by the moons gravitational pull.

Tsunamis can sometimes be called a tidal wave, although they are not actually tidal and that is why scientists don’t refer to them as that.

A tsunami is not just one wave, it is several waves at different heights and lengths every time a  wave comes. Also tsunamis can have a range of time from minutes to hours.

What scientists don’t understand is why some big earthquakes don’t form tsunamis but small ones do.

In the late 5th century BC, the Greek historian Thucydides thought that tsunamis were related to the submarine earthquakes and from then on everyone thought that Thucydides understanding of tsunamis was quite slim. Up until the 20th century the understandings of tsunamis were correct but there was still a lot to learn.

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

That particular event was one of the most devastating events that killed many people (230,000 – 280,000 people roughly , in 14 countries) off the Indian Ocean coastline. This event occurred on 26th December at 00:58:53.

This particular tsunami was the third largest ever recorded on a seismograph. It also caused the whole planet to move a centimetre.

This tsunami was caused by the Indian tectonic plate moving/stopping, which triggered many different waves in the 14 countries.

The waves were up to 30 metres high (100ft).

Here is a list of the countries that were affected

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Myanmar
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

Here is an example of the destruction caused by this catastrophic event.

Top Twenty Series: Top Twenty Best Marvel Superhero’s by Leo

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20. Spider Woman.

19. Silver Surfer.

18. Beast(All X-men).

17. Thing(Fantastic Four).

16. Kitty Pryde.

15. Doctor Strange(Doctor Strange).

14. Black Panther(Captain America Civil War)(Black Blood).

13. The Invisible Woman(The Fantastic Four).

12. Nick Fury(Iron Man)(Iron Man 2)(Avengers Assemble)(Avengers Age of Ultron)(Ant Man).

11. Storm(All X-men).

10. Iron Man(All Iron Men)(All Avengers)(Captain America Civil War).

9. Professor X(All X-men).

8. Hulk(All Avengers)(Hulk)(Ultimate Hulk)(The Green Beast).

7. Cyclops(All X-men).

6. Thor(All Avengers)(Thor).

5. Jean Grey(All X-men).

4. Wolverine(X-men Origins: Wolverine)(Wolverine)(All X-Men)(Killing Hulk).

3. Daredevil(Daredevil)-Its an eighteen! Don’t watch it!

2. Captain America(All Avengers)(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)(Captain: The First Avenger)(Captain America Civil War).

1. Spider Man(Spider-Man)(Spider-Man 2)(Spider-Man 3)(The Amazing Spider-Man)(The Amazing Spider-Man 2)(Captain America Civil War).